Blackstone Skin Essentials

Blackstone Skin Essentials Tasmanian Natural Skin Care, Body creams and sprays, and SLS free shower gels and hair care.

Made from the Highest Grade Pure Essential Oils in Tasmania.

Blackstone has created a natural way of enjoying the benefits of using natural aromatherapy oils on yourself, allowing you to make your own connection with nature.

Our natural range is made in Tasmania using the purest essential oils, no fragrance has been added, the scent comes purely from the energy of the essential oils. Natural clay has also been used to add colour to our body creams. These products are not tested on animals nor are any by-products used. Any water added to our products come from our natural rock filtered springs in Springfield which has been named one of the cleanest waters on our planet.

Blackstone Skin Essentials offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your product. We care about quality and would like to know if you have any concerns and are always open to suggestions on what our consumers are looking for.

Essential Oils are a living energy, their aura can be seen by Kirlian photography. We are connected to the same energy that illuminates from all plants. Essential oils carry this etheric energy, they are crystalline structures that carry light. Our vibrations connect with theirs tuning us into nature. As the aromas stir our emotions, there is a deeper connection made with these living Oils.

“Experience the Difference

with natural skin care”

Blackstone Skin Essential’s Natural Tasmanian Aromatherapy range made from the highest grade pure essential oils in Tasmania consists of:

  •  Skin Care
  •  Body Whips and Creams
  •  Body sprays
  •  Soaps
  •  SLS free Hair care
  •  SLS free Shower gels
  •  Massage Oils.