Lomasi creme

We are excited to announce that we now carry Lomasi Cremes, Lotions and Scrubs! The Lomasi line not only smells incredible, it is so nourishing and healing for your skin!

Each creme, lotion and scrub comes in yummy scents like:

Mango Coconut

  • Mango has long been used to soothe dry, flaky skin
  • Moisturize, soften and regenerate while protecting against UV radiation. Coconut oil refreshes and helps moisturize skin better because it penetrates quickly

Cucumber Aloe

  •  Cucumber is widely known as a cooling agent to help reduce swelling
  •  Since cucumber and skin share the same level of hydrogen, it helps to soothe problem areas
  • Aloe has long been known as the “first aid plant” for its ability to smooth, soothe, restore and revitalize
  • Helpful for skin conditions and swelling

Ivory Blossom

  • Ivory Blossom contains a blend of anti-oxidants (such as Vitamin E and sunflower seed extract) with naturally soothing emollients (like fig and acai extracts and shea butter) for a decadent experience
  • Helps erase everyday stresses


  • Three times the anti-oxidant power of green tea, pomegranate scavenges free radicals to protect against the effects of pollution, chemicals and stress
  • Helpful in reducing sun damage

We carry all the scents in the creme, lotion and scrubs.

Lomasi Cremes

For use when intense, prolonged moisturizing is desired or for overnight applications—on the heels, for example. Both the ingredients and scents are intended to enhance the manicure, pedicure and spa experience and to heighten its youthful, relaxing effects. Available in 1 oz and 8 oz.

Lomasi Lotions

For every day use yet not your everyday moisturizer. lomasi’s special blend of ingredients spreads smoothly,absorbs completely and lasts longer. Always apply after cleansing and soaking; may be used on the body as well as the hands. Lomasi lotions contain a powerful blend of anti-oxidants. They are paraben-free with natural hydrating and soothing emollients. Available in 2 oz, 12 oz.

Lomasi Scrubs

New Lomasi Sugar Scrubs have been specially developed by Greg to meet Young Nails’ distinctive product standards, of course, and to work exclusively with all lomasi cremes and lotions. Each scent is a combination of essential oils and emollients in a creamy sugar base. Just perfect as an extra service that will relieve stress and fatigue and refresh, energize and relax. Sugar, instead of a more abrasive substance, exfoliates and softens your skin.